Identity for your brand

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Branding for small and mediocre sized companies

Basic package (I) + extended (II & III)

I Logo + emblem, typography and brand colors

II Visual elements/pattern design to use in social media (instagram, facebook, company pages) and stationery

III Infographics and brand related visuals (photography, illustration)

Large companies can order additional brand related material to strengthen their visual identity for example infographics based on their excisting brand identity.

There’s more

Digital Media | Print | Branding | Murals | Animation

Sometimes it’s important to strenghten your brand with inforgraphic icons, especially when you are straight in contact with the customer. Caffeterias, restaurants and other public places has to have a strong brand and a good product to stand out from the mass. I´ll help you, ask for cost estimate on your project!

Unique Slogans

Digital Media | Print | Branding | Murals | Animation

There is always an option to go script! Scripted senteces and words can be used as slogans, in logos, murals and any printed material (postcards, posters, billboards).

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