My name is Anni-Julia Tuomisto and I’m a Helsinki based illustrator and creative designer. My style of work is usually to be a part of a project from scratch to finish. I would call myself jack-of-all-trades just because of the range and versatility of my past projects. Even so, my strongest assets that I can provide to you, is professionality, efficiency and quality.

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Previous clients: Okimo Clinic, Finnair Blue Wings magazine, Supercell, Anima Boutique, Anima Vitae, Rovio, Gigglebug Entertainment, Flamingo Spa, Oppi&Ilo, Unity, ETLA, Kallan&Co, Laurea, Kuuasema, Presiis magazine, Varma magazine, Helsinki-info


- Illustration (digital and traditional)
- Graphic Design
- Concept Design
- Art Direction
- Lettering
- Pattern Design
- Character Design
- BG Art
- Simple Animation
- Print
Anni-Julia Oy | contact(at)anni-julia.com | +358405327175